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#swapyourshop challenge by sarah seaton

Whats this all about?

Feeling a little overwhelmed as an ethical brand founder? Need some help marketing your products? I get it! As an ethical brand, you’re different from the rest because you’re not just selling products, you’re trying to make a positive change in the world! That’s a big challenge! I bet you also have to play product developer, customer services, accountant, sales director etc. OK OK enough already – it’s making me dizzy as hell just thinking about it!


#swapyourshop – The concept

The campaign is based on a simple challenge. You ask your potential customers to swap something they currently use for your product which should be a more ethical choice. Your product might be a vegetarian option, healthier, reusable, refillable, plastic free, built to last, organic, it might improve peoples wellbeing or gives back to society. We know it is the better choice… this challenge is about convincing the mainstream millennials that it is too!


How will this help me?

That’s why I’m here to give you a helping hand in the form of an ace marketing campaign; a challenge that not only gets you, customers,  it also means you get to become part of an ethical revolution that will see conscious brands and their teams coming together to change the world! Are you ready?


You’re not alone in this fight to change the world!

If we all work together, we can amplify our efforts, and that’s why nominating other ethical brands is an integral part of this campaign. It’s just as important as urging your audience to choose your products/services.

What do I get by signing up to the #swapyourshop Instagram challenge?

I designed this challenge to help you gain customers as an independent ethical business and also to activate the momentum of the ethical brand revolution! So what will you get when you sign up?


  • Target persona profile – lots of insight into the mainstream millennial audience I have gained from over a decade in brand marketing.
  • Campaign objectives – there has to be a reason you’re doing this right!
  • Lots of tips and tricks for how to reach your audience on Instagram
  • Content ideas and templates
  • How to measure success and know you did a good job!


How much does it cost? (pssst it’s free!!!)

It’s true! I’ve created this concept for you all to use for free, nada, nothing. But Why? Just like you, getting rich isn’t my mission. My higher purpose is to make ethical brands the norm. I want to help conscious business owners take their products into the mainstream!


OK, I’m ready when can I start?

All you need to do is signup below, and I’ll send you everything you need in the next few days so we can start the challenge together! I’ll also be doing Q&A’s for the challenge, and sharing your campaign successes on my Instagram too! So don’t forget to tag me so I can show everyone how well you’re doing!

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