About This Project


Mims – the founder of Nurture Collective, approached me to help her develop the ethical childrenswear brand she had envisioned for a number of years. Mims had identified that it was hard for parents to buy a range of ethically made children’s clothes without feeling overwhelmed by price and underwhelmed by choice. The vision was to create a digital space that allowed families to buy more consciously and at the same time support artisan makers from around the world.
Ethical Brand Labs was a perfect option for a company like Nurture Collective, where sustainability is at the core of the business. So we set off on our 3-month journey to launch!


Phase one: Insight

We worked on collating industry trends, competitor landscape research and consumer insight through a series of collaborative labs. This enabled us to identify opportunities on how to make the Nurture Collective brand standout and also develop the personas the business would target.


Phase two: Position

Through a series of 1 on 1 workshops, we developed the position, personality and proposition of the brand. We worked on the tone of the messaging as well as what made it unique and valuable!


Phase three: Launch Strategy

Through the final collaborative workshops, we developed and briefed the backbone of Nurture Collective’s digital spaces (website development) and content with these main objectives in mind;

  • Develop simple but effective customer journeys
  • Drive targeted traffic to the website
  • Strategically grow engaged communities
  • Initiate and develop customer/brand relationships for optimal lifetime value


Phase 4: Brand Guardianship

As part of the ongoing launch and running of Nurture Collective, I work alongside Mims as ‘a remote marketing director’.  I offer this approach because it allows startups like NC to work alongside an experienced strategist. It also helps forge a brand’s growth without the risk of taking on a full-time marketing director.
Through this brand guardianship role, I have helped Mims develop her remote creative team including designers, developers and photographers. I have also helped her develop her workflows for running the business with recommendations and training on digital tools. This is especially helpful for startups like NC as my recommendations mean a saving of time and money by not having to test lots of project management, CRM and analytical tools.


As a brand guardian I also;

  • Hire, educate and develop creative teams
  • Analyse and develop brand and content strategies
  • Write/edit website copy, blogs, product descriptions
  • Oversee marketing projects/events
  • Lead on creative development for photo and video shoots


We are well on the way to launching Nurture Collective and I can’t wait to see this brand, so full of purpose – soar!


Creative Team

Founder – Mims Pierre

Sarah Seaton – Brand Strategist

Lisa Barrett – Brand Designer

Sush Kelly – Website design and development

Photography – Charney Magri