About This Project

Client : Sistrhood

Project : Brand Strategy, development + WordPress blog creation. Offline Activations.
Sistrhood, was a project that started as a small meetup between like-minded friends and blossomed quickly into a hive of women sharing their ups, downs, tips and views on the newly created blog.

Check out the live website and branding HERE!


WordPress Blog Creation

The objective of the blog was to create a hub for women to read and share positive stories of communities, blogs, charities, spaces and events that would inspire and support the community. The events became offline activations to support the community that steadily developed.

Brand Identity

I worked with the fantastic designer, Joanna L Thompson on creating the brand. The hooded ‘S’ becoming a symbol of strength and of the Sistrhood. The colour Palette a combination of fresh and strong colours to compliment the many faces of women and of feminism in today’s society.

Blog and Copywriting

I also contributed and edited the blog itself writing about mental health and UK charities that support women based on a monthly theme to bring cohesion to the writers. This was a beautiful project to be part of and continues to be a  digital place of inspiration.


Client Testimonial – Alex Hyde of Lexe Life


Sarah has helped unpick and define my complete mess of a marketing plan. She continues to help me with the anxiety I have around growing my creative ideas and she pushes me outside of my business comfort zone.

The data from our discovery work has helped me concentrate and refine my business ideas. We are still at the beginning of our journey together creating the brand and social media campaigns but the support, processes and encouragement I have already had from Sarah have changed my approach to launching my business in immeasurable ways.

I am so excited to be working with her and recommend anybody feeling a bit lost, overwhelmed or undefined to speak to her ASAP!