As a startup looking to make a positive change in the world, it can be overwhelming to navigate the launch process. I designed Ethical Brand Labs to help conscious founders launch with impact. The labs enable founders to remain in the driving seat of their brand and with my team and me by your side, we can change the world! As innovators, we follow no rules, but as ethical pioneers, we shall lead with a code of conduct. Here’s mine…



Find your cause and fight hard for it!

Campaigning against plastic in our oceans? Tackling health issues? Empowering underprivileged communities? Whatever purpose sets your soul on fire – give it the fuel it deserves.

Do as you say!

With sustainability going mainstream, it’s easy for brands to pick up on buzzwords to sell products. Being ethical is not a marketing tactic! Tell your story but let it be authentic! If you’re working towards an ethical agenda then your real truth as a brand will create a much deeper connection with your audience. 

Stay positive!

Storytelling is a journey. As humans our favourite stories are ones where we are emotionally connected, we see a subject overcome adversity! It plays on humans necessity to sustain hope – no matter what. Most of us working with an ethical agenda are fighting against atrocities we have seen or experienced – but remember people will either respond with apathy or revolution. So when you tell your ethical story, focus on the positive message and the outcome that their conscious actions can have!

Test, Learn, Fly!

You guys are pioneers! This means you are treading new paths and leading the way to a better future! However, you will make mistakes – but in doing so, you will develop stronger than ever before! As ethical innovators, seek progress, not perfection.

The revolution starts with Us!

We are in this ethical journey together, and we all are working to different objectives. A revolution is only as strong as the people that are part of it. Showing love for other ethically minded businesses and brands will make you both stronger and more badass than ever before. Collabs, shout outs, mentions whatever it is – I want to see your story sharing. By using the hashtag #wegotethics, we can all see this mighty ethical brand revolution growing.



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