A little about me

My favourite thing in the world is being beside the ocean and finding beautiful deserted beaches! I love yoga, adventures, long walks, wildlife spotting, learning languages and delicious vegan food.

Since my experiences in Bali a couple of years ago, I have endeavoured to work towards a more conscious lifestyle. This currently takes the form of a plant-based diet, a ban on plastics in my house and a lot of trial and error homemade beauty products!

I am location independent but my base is in Birmingham! So wherever you are just give me a call and we can chat over a green tea or skype.



What do you do?

I’m a digital brand and content strategist! This means I’m here to help you develop and nurture your sustainable business.

For the past decade, I have worked alongside startups, bloggers and ecommerce entrepreneurs. I have helped these changemakers develop their voices and learn how best to put across their stories.

I specialise in working with independents and particularly those with an ethical or sustainable agenda. I firmly believe that I should be using my brand, content and marketing skills to help shape the businesses of the future. I want to help nurture the ethical innovators of the world and bring their stories to life.

So, what does that look like?

Brand Strategy

As a brand strategist, I spend time getting to know my clients by looking at they want to achieve and what message they’d like to get across. I help them consider their competitor landscape, develop their target personas and understand their unique value as a brand.

After careful honing of their tone of voice and core values, the brand is then ready to take its visual form. I work with a range of design partners to ensure the best creative fit for my clients.

Content Strategy

I help brands communicate what they do with beautiful stories and content. Using their objectives, we work together to develop emotive and authentic campaigns for use across their entire brand ecosystem, both on and offline.

So how would we work together?

Some of my clients prefer for me to take some time away and pitch ideas to them on my return. This is quite a traditional way of working in the creative industry and is more geared to my time poor clients. For my time-rich clients, I have found a collaborative labs approach is particularly valuable, especially for lean startups.  These labs are set up as a series, in which we endeavour towards creative or brand objectives. The unique value of these labs is that they empower the brand founders and allow them to be firmly in the creative driving seat. Labs can become a great tool for startups and small businesses across any industry.


My world..

  • My eco #deskie
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  • The UK in Autumn is my fave
  • South of France getaways
  • Empty UK beaches are the best!
  • Zero waste living
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  • Never leave the house without your tote
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  • Keeping cool and styling up the smoothies today 😛
  • Working out of a super cool cafe today!!
  • Surf's up 😛
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  • Art direction for Client Shoot
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  • Summer spent in Ibiza, Es Vedra
  • Fun at Birmingham Impact Hub - cowworking space
  • Adventures in Northumberland
  • My love for Beach Huts
  • Visit to the North
  • Working from Cafe Organic - Canggu, Bali

If you’re ready to develop your ethical brand – get in touch!