My top 3 UK ethical startup brands and what you can learn from them.

I decided to spotlight my top three ethical startups that have caught my eye recently and talk about what other ethical founders and entrepreneurs can learn from them!  I love finding new ethical brands popping up because it makes my insides fizzle with excitement. I’ve been tracking the shift in new businesses and how ethical practices are becoming a growing priority – so here’s the lowdown;

Insane in the Rain

Insane in the rain has got vibes! This environmentally conscious rainwear has been my absolute favourite find because of its brand personality. It is very easy as a brand who cares for the environment to go with a natural, green identity but IITR refuse to conform.  They have got it spot on because brands should be disrupting their competitor landscape with their visuals, their proposition and their messaging. Their tone of voice is full of sass and attitude and gives me 90’s feels. Their visual brand identity is strong and carries through on a beautifully designed website with some badass photography! I’ve fallen hook line and sinker for this brand.

The gear itself is created with recycled plastic and they track and take care of their supply chain to ensure its all fairly and responsibly made. Each jacket means they save between 15-23 plastic bottles from going straight to landfill. This makes me super happy…. But my oh my have you seen the prints on the jackets? The patterns and colours are super cool and unique rather than the neutral or natural prints we usually see in the eco fashion industry. I’d definitely recognise these jackets if I saw someone out in them and I love that they have thought about this aspect of brand awareness! You can get them for you and your mini too and at a great price point!

Check their website here or follow on Instagram here.


I occasionally spend my weekend concocting all sorts of natural beauty products in my kitchen in a bid to rid my cleaning and beauty regime from harmful chemicals and toxins that are found in many products. So, when I came across Georganics I was absolutely elated.

Georganics is a brand built to keep your toothy pegs clean and free from the usual harmful chemicals found in toothpaste and mouthwashes. A UK based brand they started off in 2014 making small batches for themselves and their friends.

What I love about the brand is its clarity both visually and in terms of its values. The visual identity is strong and minimal. Big love to whoever did the brand design because it’s banging! The actual products are brilliant and I’ve been using the spearmint toothpaste and bamboo dental floss for the last month. When it arrived it was in all recyclable cardboard packaging with a cellulose seal and bamboo applicator.

I really appreciate it when a brand has considered not only its product but the packaging and delivery of it. So many brands miss a trick on this and send their products wrapped in plastic but consumers want much more nowadays so

If you want to check out Georganics – here’s their beautiful website and a link to their insta.

Elephant Box

The fight against single-use plastics is now common knowledge especially post blue planet. Elephant box was created from a family perspective (around Joy’s table) to help reduce their plastic waste when it came to picnics and school lunches. Based on the Indian tiffin box and crowdfunded by you lovely public the brand has been growing day by day.

The thing I love about this brand is the way they have created a simple solution based on challenges they faced as a family. Many brands start like this and they have found their niche. It’s so important to understand your unique value as a business and to overcome common challenges. It makes you useful and the fact that’s it’s overcoming an environmental and family challenge makes it even better!

Again, their brand is super simple but strong and their packaging minimal and recyclable.  Being ethical doesn’t have to be complicated and this is a great example of that! You can check their website here and their insta here!

Taking these 3 ethical startups as inspiration you can see that to power you ethical business you need to think about more than just the product. If you start by overcoming a challenge you can be useful and create your unique value. If you consider eco packaging and delivery you will win over your audiences and create a stronger and more trustworthy brand. Finally, if you keep your messaging and values simple + honest, your audience will find clarity and connection with your brand.

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All images are sourced from the repsective brands.

Sarah Seaton