Top 4 Lead Generating WordPress Themes for Solopreneurs

OK guys, so you’re a one girl/man band and you’re starting to think about what your website is going to look like and how it will function. You know whats up and that’s why you’re looking for the top lead generating WordPress themes.

You’re probably like me and spent days and days looking for the ‘right’ theme.  In fact, I think I was once declared missing after a particularly long theme hunt  !!!

I’ve started to use a new system when I’m looking for themes for my client work. It’s a checklist with all the objectives, functionality and design criteria that I could possibly want when it comes to lead generating clients. It has literally halved my research time and as you all know, time is an expensive and limited resource for us as solopreneurs.

Whether you are a stay at home mompreneur, building your empire with the kiddies at your feet or a service based infopreneur feeling the pressure of working alone, we all have one thing in common. We are time poor! So let me help you out….

Firstly , here’s an example checklist to make sure you are getting everything you need from your new lead generating theme…

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Secondly here are my 4 top recommendations for lead generating WordPress themes specifically for you gorgeous solopreneurs. (Just to let you know there are a couple of affiliate links in here, but these are my genuine recommendations).

On my theme research trips, I’ve also found a lot of sites who recommend certain themes with great functionality but they are ugly as sin! For a long time, I thought I’d have to compromise on good design so I could have the best functionality. But oh no, wait until you see my recommendations. They are super cool and super slick, for real!

Also, for anyone wondering why I am specifically looking at WordPress themes, it’s because in my experience of building my own websites and those of my clients, WordPress is by far the most flexible, easy to use and holds the most aesthetically pleasing themes. (I should probably work for WordPress hehe)

So here we go…

Pillar Theme

This theme has so many different layout options and really handy demo examples that you can upload too. The design is slick but what’s great about this theme is its versatility. It’s not just woo commerce ready, the shop design is super slick. You can even use this site as a searchable directory. Unlimited uses… and actually the theme I used to build my site 😉

Check out Pillar HERE!


Coastal Theme – Station Seven

The Coastal theme from design lovelies Station Seven, is like the love that I left behind. I found this theme whilst building my (3rd attempt and final) website for myself.  The design appeals to us earthy, minimal, artisan and photographer types. Design wise, Coastal has a full-screen header that really allows your content to take centre stage. This theme also has a beautiful portfolio section to display your projects, design work and photography.

Functionally, Coastal has a fantastic page builder, ‘above the fold’ lead contact form and a shop where you can sell your prints, digital downloads or physical product range.

Plus, this theme and the others on the station Seven site are designed by a wonderful, husband and wife creative team (Mike and Brittni), so you can be happy in the knowledge that you are making some real people do a happy little dance when you purchase this theme. They also have some other AMAZING themes and design templates that are perfect for us solopreneurs, so take a sneek peek at their website too.

Check out Coastal Theme HERE


Headstart Theme – By Authority

Headstart theme is for newbie bloggers who are entrepreneurs at heart. The design is super simple and focuses on the blogs themselves but they don’t forget to include a cool list building ‘above the fold’ signup option. This site also comes with a super savvy shop section. Everything a blogger needs to start making their mark and monetising their writing skills.

Check out Headstart HERE!



 Launchkit is a super contemporary theme that I found on my travels. It’s modern design with multifunctioning headers and flexible styling is perfect for the cool entrepreneurs looking to show off a high-end brand.

As with all of the themes I have recommended, it is responsive, but Launchkit has a beautiful edge when it’s displayed on other mobile devices. Launch kit is the one I’d recommendd for super stylish landing page builds, selling high-end products.

Check out Launchkit here!

And there you have it … My top 4 picks for generating your sales leads. Don’t forget these recommendations are specifically for solopreneurs, so I made sure they were simple to setup and easy to manage for us multitaskers.

If you are really struggling with time and are looking to outsource the website creation, I offer this as a service. Check out my WordPress package HERE!

Enjoy darlings, I’d love to see what you guys create. Feel free to post a link to your new WordPress websites here or any recommendations you think may be valuable to everyone else 🙂




Sarah Seaton