Ethical Brand Labs

A call to arms for the changemakers, the doers

 & the conscious thinkers.


Hello and welcome!

Sarah Seaton- Digital Brand Strategist

Hey there! I’m Sarah. I’m here to help you change the world with your ethical brand. I work with startups and small businesses to establish their brands and create go to market strategies.

Through the Ethical Brand Labs we will work collaboratively to refine your brand narrative and tell your authentic story so that your customers will understand the real value of what you do!

I’m here to empower the change-makers and build the brands of tomorrow. Together we will find your position in the growing world of sustainability and social good! Wether you are an ethical fashion brand or part of the recycle revolution, together we build your brand and campaign for a better world.

So, if you’re a startup or small business ready to tell your story, let’s get started!

Am I an ethical brand?

If your brand has a positive agenda with environmental, social or sustainable values, you’re an ethical brand. 

If you’re doing good, its time to stand up for what you believe in. You are part of the ethical startup movement, creating a better future!

Shout it from the rooftops #wegotethics

The Philosophy

Progress, not perfection. Strive towards ethical milestones and focus on the journey.

Be a doer. Being ethical is not a marketing strategy – it is a way of changing the future!

Be authentic. Choose a cause and fight hard for it!

The future is ours. Join the movement.


How can I get involved?

1-2-1 Labs

I work directly with startups to build their brands and develop launch strategies.


Watch out for the intensive day-long group workshops that are perfect for startups!

Talks and podcasts

You can catch me or book me for talks at coworking spaces and events around the UK or guesting on podcasts!

Want to create a brand to change the world?

Get in touch for your free consultation.

Yes, I’m ready!